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10 Dec 16 Year End Fly In Stellenbosch
10 Dec 16 F3K Hand Launch Gliders Sleepover - GEMS
10 Dec 16 Bushveld Fly In
18 Dec 16 Birthday Fly In at Peninsula Radio Flyers
8 Jan 17 F3K - League
15 Jan 17 F3B Team Selection Qualifier 1
22 Jan 17 F3B Team Qualifier 1 - Weather date
28 Jan 17 Two Oceans Slope Soaring (TOSS) Aerobatic Event
29 Jan 17 Bill Vos Memorial Trophy #1
4 Feb 17 Club Aerobatics at Pretoria Radio Flyers
5 Feb 17 Gliding Postals
11 Feb 17 Pylon Racing
12 Feb 17 F3B Team Selection Qualifier 2
19 Feb 17 F3B Team Qualifier 2 - Weather date
19 Feb 17 F5J - League 1
19 Feb 17 Jet Day
26 Feb 17 Vintage Aircraft Fly-in
26 Feb 17 F3B Team Trails
5 Mar 17 F3B Team trails - Weather date
11 Mar 17 Ficksburg Fly-in (Fly and Braai)
12 Mar 17 Bill Vos Memorial Trophy 2
12 Mar 17 F3K - League
17 Mar 17 Wings over Howick Aerotow
19 Mar 17 F5J - League 2
26 Mar 17 Vintage Aircraft Fly-in
26 Mar 17 Fun Fly Series round 1 - Nationwide
26 Mar 17 HTL - #1
26 Mar 17 Old Timers
30 Mar 17 Annual General Meeting 2017
1 Apr 17 Club Aerobatics at Pretoria Radio Flyers
9 Apr 17 Bill Vos Memorial Trophy #3
23 Apr 17 Vintage Aircraft Fly-In
27 Apr 17 Fun Fly Series additional qualifying round
27 Apr 17 Combined Power Nationals 2017
29 Apr 17 MGA Nationals
29 Apr 17 F3J Qualifier 1
6 May 17 Proficiency Day at Silverton Modelvliegklub
7 May 17 F3K - League
7 May 17 Gliding Postals
21 May 17 HTL - #2
27 May 17 Scale Warbirds/Civvie Scale at Zwartkop AFB
28 May 17 Buddy Wright Memorial
28 May 17 F5J - League 3
3 Jun 17 Club Aerobatics at Pretoria Radio Flyers
3 Jun 17 Gauteng Championships for Speed Flying
4 Jun 17 FPV Regional
11 Jun 17 Fun Fly Series round 2 - Nationwide
11 Jun 17 F3J Qualifier 2
25 Jun 17 Vintage Aircraft Fly-In
25 Jun 17 Natal Soaring Champs
25 Jun 17 Greg Casson Memorial
2 Jul 17 Series Scale
9 Jul 17 F5J - League 4
16 Jul 17 Bill Vos Memorial Trophy 4
16 Jul 17 Pylon Racing
21 Jul 17 F3C/N Helicopter World Championship
23 Jul 17 Vintage Aircraft Memorial Day
23 Jul 17 Old Timers Memorial
24 Jul 17 F3K World Championships
25 Jul 17 FAI F3D Pylon Racing World Champions
5 Aug 17 Club Aerobatics at Pretoria Radio Flyers
6 Aug 17 F3B World Championships
6 Aug 17 Gliding Postals
6 Aug 17 Glider day
13 Aug 17 IJMC Jet World Masters
20 Aug 17 GPS Triangle Masters
20 Aug 17 F5J - League 5
20 Aug 17 Fun Fly
27 Aug 17 Vintage Aircraft Fly-In
2 Sep 17 Pylon Racing
3 Sep 17 Fun Fly Series round 3 - Nationwide
3 Sep 17 F3J Team trails
10 Sep 17 F5J - League 6
17 Sep 17 Bill Vos Memorial Trophy 5
17 Sep 17 Heli Day
24 Sep 17 Vintage Aircraft Fly-In
24 Sep 17 HTL - #3
7 Oct 17 Club Aerobatics at Pretoria Radio Flyers
8 Oct 17 F3K - League 4
8 Oct 17 F3K - League
8 Oct 17 Cubbie Day
15 Oct 17 Bill Vos Memorial Trophy 6
21 Oct 17 2017 Fun Fly Masters
22 Oct 17 Vintage Aircraft Fly-In
22 Oct 17 F5J - League 7
27 Oct 17 Riversdale Fly-in
3 Nov 17 FAI F3A Aerobatic World Champions
4 Nov 17 Club Aerobatics at Pretoria Radio Flyers
5 Nov 17 Gliding Postals
5 Nov 17 Jet Day
19 Nov 17 F5J - League 8
19 Nov 17 Pylon Racing
26 Nov 17 Vintage Aircraft Fly-in
26 Nov 17 HTL - #4
26 Nov 17 Old Timers
3 Dec 17 F3K - League
17 Dec 17 Vintage Aircraft Fly-in
28 Jan 18 Vintage Aircraft Fly-in
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latest news
7 Nov 16Greg Casson Memorial Jet Fly In, Gariep Airfield


This was the 5th Memorial Event held in honor of Greg Casson and was held over the weekend of 21st to 23rd October 2016.10.31

A total of 17 pilots made the effort to attend this event with most pilots arriving on Friday and a couple on Thursday. When we arrived on Thursday afternoon we were welcomed by a nice thunder shower which was very much needed.

Flying started each day at around 07h00, we flew Friday and Saturday till around 2 as by this time the wind got a bit much. By 14h00 all had had enough of flying and the planes were packed away in the hangar with various groups forming under gazebos sheltering them from the blistering sun. In the afternoon, all dispersed to various watering holes to cool off and relax after a good days flying. On Saturday afternoon we gathered in different places to watch the rugby final between the Cheetahs and the Bulls.

Sunday morning we were met with once again a beautiful day with blue skies and a slight breeze. Normally most pilots leave early but not this time, only two left early and the rest burnt the last paraffin remaining in their fuel cans. By 16h00 we were all packed up and most pilots were on their road back home. 5 pilots opted to sleep another night and depart only on Monday morning.

Pilots who attended came from Kimberley, Port Elizabeth, Gauteng, and Upington. This was one of those weekends where a lot of flights were flown by all with no serious crashes or aircraft problems. Only one flame out was had over the whole 3 days of flying.

Well done to Andre Killian who is a regular at all Jets-r-us events and he finally arrived with a Turbine Jet and he enjoyed himself immensely.

Burt Botha from PE is now bitten by the Jet bug, has gotten rid of his F3A planes and is now enjoying jet flying and mastered the art of landing this weekend. Stan Fincham had many flights and managed to perfect his take offs and landings, and entertained us with his rain dance after his first totally perfect landing.

Pierre Fouche had a new plane to be maidened, on Friday afternoon on start up he experienced a problem with the turbine, but no problem to him he packed all away and jumped in the car and rushed to Bloem to collect a spare and shot back to Gariep. He installed the motor the next day and maidened the plane with no further problems. Now that is dedication for you.

As it was Greg Cassons weekend even he was there in spirit and giving a helping hand to those who needed a bit of guidance by the angels. On Saturday afternoon we flew the large quarter scale L39 ex Francois Diedrechsens plane now belonging to Sanjay Kana. Half way through the flight the turbine died and a decision was taken to land in the direction of the flight path as that is the longest part of the runway. The runway runs at a slight uphill to the right, the plane was held just off the runway for a little while after it disappeared out of sight and over the hill. Three of us jumped on the back of Francois Kuys bantam bakkie and raced down the runway which felt like a life time until we reached the plane. There it was parked right at the end of the runway after running through the very nicely cut grass veld adjacent to the runway and came to a stop against a fence. The fence dropper caused an indent in the LE of the right wing and a bit of a scratch underneath the right tip tank. The plane flew for more than 100m free flight. The distance from where we flying from till where the plane came to a holt was 860m.

Thanks Cassie very much appreciated.

From the Jets-R-Us team we would like to thank all attending the event. Many of you knew Greg by name only and had possibly spoken to him on the phone. Thanks guys your attendance in honour of Greg is very much appreciated.

Danie Potgieter who attended the event without a jet came to assist Burt to get his flying sorted out. Danie ended up helping many others. Thanks Danie. On Saturday evening he said something I have to share with all the jet pilots who attended. He said he was extremely impressed with the quality of flying by all throughout the event and enjoyed the company of all.

A special thanks to Theo Marnewick for sponsoring the caps for the weekend.

31 Oct 16Umbilo Braai and Fly

Umbilo organised an informal fly in on Sunday 30th October and invited a few of the surrounding clubs to come and visit for the day.

The club has just recently replaced one of the 3 tar runways with a 80m concrete strip which was done by the members. The outfield and runways are fairly good so you can comfortably land off the runway.

The fly in was very well attended by visitors from various neighbouring clubs. Shade was provided for most as this was most definitely needed as we are in the middle of a heat wave in Gauteng. The club sold liquid refreshments and food throughout the day which was well supported by all in attendance.

The wind blew quite strongly but this did not put a damper on the flying. The sky was filled throughout the day with all sorts of planes with some pilots demonstrating some very good flying skills. The flight line safety could have been a bit better with pilots standing in the demarcated pilots box and not on the edge of the runway during flying. A safety officer as well as a flight line coordinator would have helped a lot. Other than that a great day was had in the sun by all.

Well done to the committee for taking the initiative to hold a fly in and introducing the social side of the hobby where all can meet old friends and make new ones. The only serious concern about a social event is the consumption of alcohol during flying, make sure you are done flying for the day before socialising with a drink in hand.


31 Oct 16Umbilo Radio Flyers



The chairman of the club is Jan Maree, a member for many years and has been serving on the committee for around 5 years. Vice Chairman is Theo Meiring who has also served on the committee for around 5 years.

The club is very active with 66 members.

The club facility boasts a toilet with running water for washing hands but not for drinking. There is a braai area, covered pits area and a larged shaded semi enclosed area for socialising on a hot day.

The club is located on the eastern side of Springs on the old Ermelo Road, from Springs to Indicot Road the club is situated on the northern side of the N17 about 5km out of town.

The club has 3 runways all about 8m long, one runway has just been redone with concrete runoffs and a very nice out field.

A few years ago a large air show was held and they are planning another one in the near future as well as a fly in or two. The club needs to raise funds to re do the existing 2 tar runways.

All types of aircraft are flown at the club and day visitors are welcome. Arrangements can be made with Jan Maree 0832761272

5 Sep 16O'Lydens Modelvliegklub

O'Lydens Model Aircraft Club operates from the full size airfield just outside of Lydenberg. The club is situated on the road from Lydenberg to Dulstroom approximately 7km from the town.

The chairman in Schalk Grobler, he is serving in this position for the last 4 year. The vice chairman in Deon Brookman also serving on the committee for about 4 years.The club has only got around 7 active members.

It is a grass field with a shaded pit area, a container which houses a toilet. All types of aircraft that is suited for grass runway can be flown there. The club is planning on hosting a fly in in the near future.

Day visitors are allowed, please make arrangements with Schalk Grobler on 0847460123

5 Sep 16LOMAC

Lowveld Model Aircraft Club  LOMAC


Situated between Nelspruit and White River on the R40, it is the one of the most scenic locations for a model club. On top of a ridge ,surrounded by bushveld and distant mountain ranges lies a 350m x 20m runway of which 240m x 7m wide is tarred . There is also a 170m x12m grass cross runway. The pits area has is shaded for both the pilots and the aircraft.

Other facilities include a large shaded assembly area behind the pits and four large grand stands ,two of which are shaded for visitors. A small club house/store room and a small ablution building with a Toilet , running water and solar power to power the lights and a pepper spray alarm system ( which is very effective I may add )and a heli pad .

We are 63 members in total with about 30 regularly active members with ages ranging from our youngest Solo pilot Werner Rabie who is 9 years old to our oldest Hal Snow who has just turned 95 and is a Honorary Member . Our only other Honorary member being BoetDenysschen who has never missed one of our air shows in all the years that they were held and has always gone out of his way to help and make the show a success. We are a SAMAA registered club and attempt to uphold the Safety Rules at all times to create a safe environment for all to enjoy including our families who often join us at the club for a day of fun. 

Most Rc disciplines are practiced at Lomac including , sport ,scale , large scale aerobatics , Heli’s , turbine jets , gliders , delta’s, fun fly andrecently FPV, which is one aspect of our hobby that is increasing in popularity to such an extent that we host the provincial leg of the FPV nations. We have many enthusiastic builders including Johan Roets and Malan Moolman who build very large 40 and 50% models , Riaan le Hanie and his wife Wanda ,who produce a scratch build version of the Stick in 20 and 30cc sizes and is currently completing his first own design composite jet , which will be maidenedshortly. Float flying days are arranged by Johan Blom at a local dam for those who wish to get their feet wet. Day Visitors are welcome to join us and we have a Country Membership for those living outside the 100km radius of the club and don’t fly that often with us.

Lomac hosts an annual Air show / Fly In , which was held during the long weekend of the 6th to the 9th of August this year. A total of 60 pilots ,mostly visitors , and over 110 aircraft took part in this three day event and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. In fact many of the Pilots are serial visitors to our yearly event and have indicated that they will be back for Air show 2017 .We try to go out of our way to look after our visitors and the fact that pilots from as far as Gauteng, Natal, Limpopo and Cape Town join us yearly is confirmation to us that we are doing it well.

Leading up to the Air show we get involved in numerous events which forms part of our yearly advertising campaign . These events include , School Display flights , Flying and Static Displays at the local Full scale Air show , StaticDisplays at Local Malls and shopping centres, attending Fly Awaysnd Camp outs

The final event for this year is our Annual Christmas Party which takes place on the 26th November

The future of Lomac is exciting with great plans being made to improve the Facilities at the club which is our main aim. Our AGM is scheduled for the 5th October where a new committee will be chosen , including the position of Chairman as my term of two years has come to an end . I am positive that the new committee with continue where we have left off and bring new and fresh ideas to the table .

16 Aug 16Increased Capacity in SAMAA office!

We are very happy to welcome Linda Dold to the SAMAA office. Linda started on 01 August 2016 and in most cases she will be the friendly voice on the other side of the telephone. Linda will also be responsible for membership administration, proficiency management, and various other tasks.

2 Aug 16Middleburg Air Show

Middleburg Air show


On Saturday 23rd July the Middleburg Aeroclub hosted an air show co sponsored with Capricorn Engineering and organiser was Richard Lovit.


Phillip Lewis chairman of LOMAC in Nelspruit has a good relationship with Aeroclub in Nelspruit. During their last two air shows, one earlier this year and one last year, they were given a slot during the show to fly some models. They also made use of the venue to display models and promote their event that usually happens in August. Phillip received an invite from Middleburg Aeroclub to arrange for a jet demo on the day of the show as well as to display some aircraft. As it would not be of any significant advertising exposure for LOMAC to advertise so far from Nelspruit, the invite was extended to the local model club but they declined to do a display, the invite was then extended to SAMAA.


Bob Skinner, Sanjay Kana and myself left JHB around 5 in the morning and were met on the highway by Stan Fincham on the way to Middleburg. Arriving at around 7am at the airfield there was a hive of activity and people flocking to the air show. We were joined by Phillip and Kevin from Nelspruit as well as Corrie Coetzee from Cors-air. We were allocated a spot next to the control tower and broadcast centre to pack out our display. We parked two trailers side by side with an awning for shade and erected a chain barrier around the outer edge to keep the public at bay. 5 Jet aircraft as well as a control line were put out for display.


Throughout the day we had a lot of interesting passers by asking questions. Bob took a lot of old SAMAA newsletters and these were grabbed up by interested parties. All of us were given VIP passes which entitled us access to the VIP area which was in the hangar where food and drinks were served for breakfast and lunch to all helpers, organisers and pilots.


Our slot was just after 10H00 where we were allocated a 8 minute slot time to fly a demo with 2 jets and a 3rd jet on standby. Phillip marshalled his troops onto the edge of the runway accompanied by a marshal with a two way radio who was in contact with ATC and the air show coordinator. As we got the green light we had two jets in the sky and exactly 8 minutes later we touched down. Corrie flew an Aviation design Super Scorpion and I flew a 2.7m Futura kindly lent to me for the demo by Sanjay Kana. Phillip had a Pilot RC Dolphin on standby.


A special thanks to the organisers for this opportunity and their hospitality, as well as to all who helped us erect our display area and for the loaned aircraft for flying and display. A good day was had by all and a lot of new friends were made. Lastly congratulations to the organisers for a well run air show with a very nice line up of display aircraft ranging from parachutes, aerobatic glider display, to a 4 ship jet display.

18 Jul 16Gariep 2016

The 9th Jets-r-us Fly In took place over the weekend of 6th to 10th July 201. After an absence of 3 years the event was back at the Gariep Dam Airfield previously known as Hendrik Verwoerd Dam.

The event was the second largest Gariep Fly in with a total of 98 pilots attending.

We arrived on Wednesday lunch time after a good drive down from JHB, with most of the JHB pilots riding in convoy. We had a few PTA pilots driving in convoy who left at around 3am. Arriving at the field the venue was found as usual to be in tip top condition. We arranged to have the grass cut around the taxi way and the further side of the runway which makes it more convenient where trailers and aircraft are parked and for pilots and spectators can sit. It also gave more space down the taxi way for the public to walk through and not damage planes.


Trailers were parked either side of the taxiway which works on a first come first served basis. Thursday morning a pilots briefing was held just after 09h00 with around 80% of the total amount of pilots being there with the balance of pilots arriving throughout Friday and Saturday morning. The pit area was quickly filed with pilots and aircraft eager to get in the sky and enjoy themselves. A local caterer was on hand operating from one of the hangars making breakfast and lunch for all the hungry people. Flying took place from around 08h00 every day till darkness set in with the last pilots leaving the field around 18H00 every day. The event drew a lot of families and friends this time with around 160 people in total attending.

Gariep offers very good accommodation and this makes for the kids and moms to make it a midyear break. A lot of growth around tourism has happened in the town in the last 4 years with the erecting of a larger super market, some very good restaurants and most of the accommodation being upgraded. The town folk went out their way to accommodate all and make our stay as enjoyable as possible.

Saturday evening all went off to the local bowling club where a braai was organised for all, with around 140 people attended the supper. A local band was supplied playing background music and were taking donations for their efforts. A overhead projector was showing some photos of the last 8 years events. Before supper started a few thankyou’s were done by the organisers as well as a prize giving. Every lady who attended the event was given a little gift of appreciation for supporting the man in their lives which was sponsored by Alex Kuys and Tiffe Gouws. A gift pack made up of Annique Beauty products was sponsored by the Lettau family who were most probably the most excited family to go back to Gariep and the first to book their accommodation. The gift pack was given out by doing a lucky draw with all the ladies names placed in a bowl. Around 40 prizes were given to some of the men pilots which was also done in the same manner of drawing a name. These prizes were donated by our sponsors who were:


Dennys Electrical

Amt composites

Aerial concepts

Vox Telecoms

Pierre Fouche (3WSA)

Sanjay Kana

Dean Jakins

Mr Anonymous 1

Mr Anonymous 2


Tiffe Gouws

Alex Kuys

Corrie Coetzee (Cors-Air)

Marius Lensing (Marko Sweiswerke)

Louis Vermaak (Afridrill)

Paula Denysschen (Bag Lady)

Steven Baartman

Peter Hewitt

Chris Venter (RCT4B)

Tobie Kock (Devine Group)

Darryl Leggs (Aviation artist)

The contributions made by the sponsors help to make the event more successful and we are very greatful for their continued support.

Every year a painting gets done by the renowned Aviation artist Darryl Leggs, this is known as the Adriaan Bakker Memorial Trophy and is given to a pilot after the weekend for whatever reason the organisers feel fit. The theme for every years painting is based on an aircraft of the SA Airforce, this year a Cessna was chosen as the subject. The trophy was awarded to George Van Den Bergh who was ridden by bad luck starting on the Friday evening before the event when he collected his brand new Dolphin Jet. On returning home he took it out the bakkie turned it over  and the canopy fell off and shattered. With help from various modellers, family and friends a canopy was found and was being delivered from Cape Town to Gariep on Wednesday while George was driving to Gariep from PTA. But the saga continues, at around 03H30 Wednesday morning the next bad luck struck, the  trailer, a borrowed one nog al, came off the bakkie and collided along the side of the road without George realising it was no longer following him. After back tracking on the freeway around JHB the trailer was found, re hitched and ready to go. Only problem the 40 size brand new never maidened Stik was in 3 pieces, the Dolphin Jet had 2 horizontal stabs totally broken. The one third scale Cessna was in 100% condition except for the two aluminium wing spars that were bent. Arriving at Gariep spars were found at the local hardware store, what luck that was finding 2 odd sizes in the middle of the Karoo and the Cessna was soon airworthy. For the Dolphin it took about 2 nights of him and his helpers drinking time to patch and repair the stabs but by Saturday it was up and flying. Well done to the team.

Regarding other mishaps there were only 2 prop planes damaged and some stab and nose damage on 2 jets. Overall an excellent weekend was spent with good weather and good friends. A special welcome to the 19 new pilots that made their first trip to a Jets-R-Us event and a special thanks to all who helped to keep the venue clean of litter, stompies and bottle tops.

All are looking forward to Gariep 2017 which will be our tenth year so we have to GO BIG or GO HOME and all of this JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT!!!

12 Jul 16Aeroclub TD Event

Click preview document to see details

24 Jun 16Snoopy's Squadron RC Flying Club

The present Chairman is Geoffrey Dale who has been Chairman for the last 5 years. Gerrit van Deventer is the Vice Chairman.

The club has 65 members consisting of 4 honoury, 16 Senior and 6 junior members.

There is a club house with 1 toilet and washing up area. Municipal water is supplied. There is a very large shade port adjacent to the club house which is used for catering and meetings. There is a large braai area which is also under a shade port.

The pit area for both fixed wing and helis is very large with numerous shade ports, concrete tables and chairs.

The main runway runs North, South and is 100m long. A 80 meter runway joins it running North West to South East as well as a short 40 meter runway running East to West. All runways are constructed out of concrete and there is a very large clear way around all runways. There is 4 heli pads with also a large clear way.

Every year we host the GAA league tournament with the occasional MHSA competition.

The club was the official practice field for the American F3A team for the world championships held in August 2013.

The club is now also going to host the Large Scale Aerobatic competitions, 1st one to be held on the 4th September.

A large selection of planes and helis are flown at the club and Day visitors are allowed.

Our next club event is on the 5th November which is a Day / Night fly in combined with a fire works " Guy Forks" evening.

24 Jun 16Henley Airfield and Family Entertainment
Henley Airfield and Family Entertainment was previously known as Henley Aeromodellers. The airfield is based just south east of Henley on Klip on Hewitt road, same road as entrance to Midvaal Race Track.
The original Henley Aeromodellers was disbanded about three years ago and the property was purchased by Marius Vosloo. The property where Henley Aeromodellers was located on was subdivided from the main farm and reregistered for an airfield.
The airfield is run by Marius and his team of gardeners and cleaners. The facilities are of top class with two tarred runways of over 300m with beautiful run off areas on either side of the runways. Beutiful shaded pit area for many aircraft to park underneath. There is a very larg hangar for assembly and disassembly of aircraft, and there is a thatched lapa which is used for the family and pilots to sit under and enjoy their braai. There is clean male and female toilets. The airfield also boasts with a swimming pool and a seperate runway/flying site for helicopters to fly at as this does not cause any clashes with fixed wings.
The airfield is suitable for all types of aircraft especially jets. The airfield has around 60 members and day visitors are welcome 7 days a week and a landing fee is charged and paid to the resident grounds man.
Once a year they host a fun day in the form of a fly in as well as a flee market and various other attractions. This is normally hosted around December close to Christmas as kids from a school/orphanage is brought there for a days entertainment. Each child gets served with a lunch as well as a Christmas present from father Christmas.
You can contact Marius on 083 311 7030.

14 Jun 16Barnstormers Model Aircraft Club

The current chairman is Danie Potgieter who is very well known throughout the modelling fraternity as a very competitive pilot. He was elected in the chair from the beginning of April 2016.

Vice chairman Ewert Scholtsz who has also been in the hobby for many years.

Barnstormers is a very active flying club, with in the region of 200 members. The club is situated on the R21 Bronkhorstspruit Road plus minus 4km from R21 intersection.

The club has 3 tar runways ranging from 250m, 150m and 100m.

The club has been involved in hosting various national competitions as well as various monthly competitions. Barnstormers has also hosted some very successful airshows as well as Warbirds days. They have a very good line up of events planned for the remainder of the year.

The club has male and female toilets with running water as well as a large covered roof area. A enclosed braai area as well as a lock up double storey area that normally gets used for catering as well as control tower.

The club has a fully active control line circle where control line gets flown on a regular basis. FBV racing is also very active at the club.

Day visitors are welcome to come and spend a day with Barnstormers members. For further info please contact Danie Potgieter 0828758228

14 Jun 16Kimberley Model Aircraft Club


Kimberley Model Aircraft Club

Kimberley Model Aircraft club moved to its present location in 1995. It is situated at the John Western Airfield, 5km out of town on the Griquastad road. The airfield originated when Kimberley Gliding Club was established in the late 70. In 2015 the Glider club was disbanded and they generously handed the hanger, club house, tractor, etc., over to KMAC. The clubhouse consists of a bar, hall and kitchen, male and female toilets.The current chairman is Tjaart Van der Walt and he has held this position for the past five years.

The Club caters for all types of RC flying and is in the process ofupgrading the runways for jets. Currently there are 28 members of which 16 are active on most weekends. Instructors are available for any new comer wanting to start with RC flying.

There is a tar cross runway with the N/S one being 150m and the E/W is a 130m long.

9 May 16TRMC - Secunda


T.R.M.C known as Teksa Radio Control Model Club under the chairmanship of Johan van Vuuren and vice Chairman Herman Barnard. Johan has been chairman for the last 3 years.

The club has 35 members of which 25 are active.

The club has flush toilets with hot water showers, shaded pavilion for spectators and part of the pit area is covered in shade.

The club is situated just off the N17 travelling from JHB on the right hand side at the Trichard Secunda turnoff. The club has been at these premises for plus minus 21 years.

The runway is 110M x 6M tar, recently resurfaced with very good grass runoffs either side as well as the ends. The club has hosted various small fly ins as well as small club competitions. The club is intending to host a yearly fly/airshow similar to which was held on the weekend of 9th April 2016 which was a huge success. The club members will also do some travelling to visit other clubs.

The club is mostly fun fly orientated flying all types of aircraft with some members taking part in serious competitions.

Day visitors are allowed with no landing fee charge as long as you are a fully paid up SAMAA member.

Person to contact is Johan van Vuuren 0845002063

3 May 16Limeacres


The fourth annual Limeacres flyin was held on the weekend of 30th a

April to 2nd may. Limeacres is a small but very pristine mining town in the northern Cape situated between Barclay East and Kuruman.

The event is organised in conjunction with Kimberley model aircraft club and the Finsch Diamond mine who is the main sponsor. Flying takes place on the mines private air strip which is approximately 1.2KM long by 20M wide. The main taxi way/apron gets used as parking area for aircraft and trailers as well as pit area. The runway is situated in a east - westerly direction which means the sun is behind your back for the biggest part of the day. Airfield has electricity water as well as clean toilet facilities. There is a large hangar which gets used as storage facility for aircraft at night.

The local community flocks to the field in large numbers to come and watch the model aircraft fly. An entry fee is charged at the gate for spectators as well as for pilots. This money gets donated to the local animal shelter which uses the money for caring for stray dogs and cats in the area.

All pilots, helpers and families stay at the local IMPI hotel. On Saturday evening a banquet is held and sponsored for all guest by the Finsch diamond mine. A prize giving is held prior to the serving of supper where each and every pilot receives some sort of gift. The prize giving and gift is all based on a fun type of thing which is cleverly thought out throughout the Saturday by Owen Smith who originally gave birth to this event. Owen  is a retired Finsch Diamond mine employee who now lives in Kleinmond in the Cape, but still travels up to mastermind the event. he comes up with the most strangest reasons for the prize that is given to each competitor.

The event was attended by 25 pilots family and friends, coming from JHB, Bloemfontein, Upington, Kimberly, Kuruman and even one recently converted Capetonian attended the weekend. Majority of pilots arrived on Friday afternoon parked their trailers and started assembling aircraft. Saturday morning an early pilots briefing was done and shortly thereafter the sky was filled with aircraft. A great variety of aircraft were in attendance ranging from props, jets as well as helicopters. The largest aircraft was that of Ian Mandy flying a half size Belanca Decathlon. The smallest was an Eflight Bind and Fly beast. After the good weather we had last week we were hit by a severe cold front that was sent up Gauteng way by the Capetonians, Saturday morning was bitterly old and overcast but by lunch time it started clearing up and as it usually goes with fly ins the Monday when all had to pack up and go back home turned out to be a perfect flying day.

Avery good camaraderie was had between all pilots with all displaying a very high level of flying skills and all flying was done in a very safe manner. Only one aircraft casualty was experienced throughout the weekend where the under cart was ripped out a jet on landing.

Commitment was made by the mine manager that they will fully support the 2017 Limeacres fly in which will possibly take place around the same time in May.

3 May 16Rand Model Aircraft Club


Chairman name plus contact details

Rodney Donaldson

Cell – 082 551 5899  Work – 011 948 8555

Time in chair

30 + Years

Vice chairman Name

Zane Mannell

Time on committee

10 Years

Number of members and amount of active members

+/- 100 and 88 Active

Club facilities (toilets, water,shade etc.)

Club house, Outside Kitchen, Flushing toilets, Generator power, Showers cold, Hot when generator runs, Hobby shop, Picnic areas for families to visit

Location of club

Cnr of Swartkoppies and Klipriver road, Liefde  nVrede

Runway description

3x Tared run way, Concrete square for Pylon racing, 4x Helicopter pads

Events organised in the pass

Combined Nationals, Monthly events, Helicopter nationals, Large scale, Jet flying, Pylon racing

Future of club

To grow from strength to strength, Attract new young pilots so as to make our hobby survive in the future

Types  of aircraft flown

Pylon, Helicopter, Large scale, Jets, Old times, Cover the whole fraternity for flying RC airplanes 

Competition orientation

Very much so, especially in the large scale

Day visitors allowed

Yes they are allowed at a nominal landing fees

Other Achievements

First club to fly turbine jet models in the country

22 Mar 16Ficksburg Model Aircraft Club


Ficksburg Airfield is situated 7km to the east side of town towards Fouriesburg adjacent to the R26. The field is owned by Anita Hughes.

The runway is 1200m long by 20m wide, tar with a very good surface. Flying takes place fright at the end of the runway where the turn off is to the terminal building and hangars. The approach from the east is rather tricky with the runway running up hill. The run off at the end of the field is nice grass. The view from the airfield is stunning with the Drakensburg Mountains surrounding it. In case of a crash landing choose it carefully so that you do not crash in the enclosure where the lions are kept, you will not see your plane again.

The pilots have an arrangement with the owner to operate from the airfield. There are currently 4 pilots operating models from the air field of which only one is currently a SAMAA member. The modellers are currently in the process of applying to SAMAA to have the airfield registered as a model air field. The pilots who fly there are very passionate about their hobby and love spending time with fellow modellers. The members will also be registering with SAMAA.

Over the last three years they have organised a yearly fly in event. Pilots from various parts of SA have attended and mad use of the hospitality that was laid on by the local community.

Contact person is Johan van Greunen 0835785321 johan.vangreunen@dcs.gov

23 Feb 16Flyzone Central

Flyzone central is situated on a farm land which is leased by the club. All facilities on the field was paid for by the club. The club was founded around 6 years ago.

The current chairman is Steven Baartman.

The vice charman is Theo Potgieter. It is both their first year in these positions.

The club at the moment has 14 paid up members and all are very active.

The club is situated 20km on the southern side of Bloem on the Reddersburg road. In the past the club has hosted various annual fly ins which were very popular wih pilots from various areas of the country.  The committee is planning on hosting another one of these fly ins in due course. Watch the press for details. The club boasts with two 180m tar runways, toilets with showers, braai facilities so all friends and families are welcome to come and enjoy a day with them. All types of RC planes are flown regularly at the field.

23 Feb 16Delmas Model Vlieg Klub

Delmas model vliegklub.

Ons het nie n klub nie, is net n gesellige Sondag middag van 16h00 tot donker se saam vlieg en kuier, daar kom inwoners van Delmas en omgewing saam en geniet die vlieg en kuier op die plaas .


Organiseerder s

Gerrie Lindeque


E-pos , gj.lindeque@yahoo.com


Andre Meyer


Andre Smit


Gerrie Lindeque jnr.



Ons bestaan al 10 jaar op Delmas, plaas

Totaal is 9 lede vaarvan 4 aktief is.


Ons het n afdakkie met n sement vloer met tafels en stoelle vir x15 gaste. Daar is krag en water. Die toilette is ongelukkig so 500m weg van die afdakkie af. Daar is drie toilette met n was bak.

Geen stort geriewwe.


Die plaas is net buite kant die dorp aan die suide kant gelee




Die aanloop baan is  1km lank by 8m wyd met n gladde oppervlak

Geen taxi way, moet vliegtuie dra na die baan en onder start.


Ons het die voorreg van n dam by die aanloop baan wat n geleentheid bied vir float fly. Dam is ongeveer 500m lank en 350m breed.


Ons het verskeie groepe pilots hier gehad om te kom vlieg n fly in met nabierige vliegvelde was gereel in 2010 en 2011, en n float fly in 2012.


Om rede ons op n geregistreede vliegveld vlieg is ons altyd op die uitkyk vir lugverkeer, Hulle kry ook voor keer as ook die eienaar van die plaas. Ons beoog om verskeie naweek kuier vlieg die jaar te reel.


Daar word n verskeie soorte vliegtuie hier gevlieg soos Skaal,Akrobaties, Sport,Helis, Water vlieg en met ons laaste kuier was daar selfs 3 jets wat gevlieg het.


Dag besoekers is baie welkom, moet net vooraf reel met ons. Kan vlieg vir n klein landings fooi.


Gerrie Lindeque

Cell: 0829077492

Email: gj.lindeque@yahoo.com

16 Feb 16Langenhoven Park Flyers

Club Name: Langenhoven Park Flyers

Lagenhoven Park Flyers operates from a public open entertainment area adjacent to Lagenhoven Park. It is suited for all types of aircraft and is not a “park flyer club”. The club has no chairman or committee but the caretaker come contact person is Piet Groenewald cell no 0826460818 or email futura100@gmail.com

Number of members and amount of active members: +- 18 People, +- 10 active

Club facilities: The club has no toilets, running water or shade. Pitt  area consists of large cable drums which serves as working tables

The club is situated on the western side of the M1 and southern side of  Lagenhoven Park – S29* 06’47 E26* 09’29

Runway consists of two Gravel runways, Main runway 230m  and 130m ninety degrees to each other.

The club is not active in any form of organised events and due to the man power and location of club it will stay the way it is.

All types of aircraft and helicopters are flown at the club during the week and weekends.

Day visitors are welcome and the club is open to all SAMAA members at all times.

Ontstaan van die klub:Facebook/Groups: Langenhoven Park Flyers

Toe elektriese helikopters vir die eerste keer hier in Bloemfontein aangekom het, het 'n paar vriende hier in Langehovenpark van die helikopters in die hande gekry en na 'n plek gesoek waar ons kon leer om met hulle te vlieg. Ons het aanvanklik op 'n stuk grond net langs Langenhovenpark gaan vlieg omdat dit na aan ons wonings was.

Ongelukkig was die plek waar ons gevlieg het baie stowwerig en het motorfietse en quadbikes baie gepla en ons het verskuif na 'n stuk grond binne Langenhovenpark wat net op Saterdae in die oggend vir parkeerplek vir die Boeremark gebruik word. Daar het ons 'n helipad van beton gegooi om die stof probleem met helikopters uit te skakel en het later ook 'n aanloopbaan geskraap sodat ons ook met die vliegtuie daar kon vlieg. Hierdie area was sowat ses rugbyvelde groot en was geoormerk vir 'n skool wat nooit gebou is nie. Tot 700 grootte helikopters en petrolvliegtuie is daar gevlieg. Ons het daar vir sewe jaar gevlieg totdat die munisipaliteit ons gevra het om eerder na 'n ander plek te verskuif aangesien hulle klagtes van geraas gekry het van mense in die woongebied. Tydens 'n vergadering met die munisipaliteit het hulle voorgestel dat ons moet skuif na die stuk grond waar ons tans ons aanloopbane het. Dit is 'n groot oop area na aan die plek waar ons aanvanklik elektriese helikopters leer vlieg het net buite Langenhovenpark. Dit is 'n openbare area sonder enige toegangsbeheer wat ook deur persone met quad bikes en scramblers gebruik word. Verder aan is ook 'n area waar met 4x4 voertuie gery word. Die gebied grens aan 'n Escom kraglyn waaroor normaalweg nie gevlieg word nie. Die kraglyn is weer sowat 260 meter vanaf die N1 hoofweg. Daar is dus 'n bufferstrook tussen die vliegveld en die N1 hoofweg. In die rigting waarin gevlieg word, is die naaste geboue so twee tot drie kilometer verder.

Ons is slegs 'n sosiale groep vriende wat graag elke dag na werk bymekaarkom om te vlieg en te gesels. Sommige manne vlieg nie eers nie en kom kuier en gesels net!

Ons is nie 'n klub nie, gevolglik is daar geen konstitusie, voorsitter, tesourier of sekretaris nie. Ons het wel 'n naam! Almal noem ons Langenhoven Park Flyers.

Daar word streng volgens SAMAA se voorskrifte en veiligheidsreëls gevlieg met die nodige aanduiding van "No Fly Zones" en "U besoek hierdie area op eie risiko" ens. Die uitleg is ook volgens SAMAA se riglyne om veiligheid eerste te stel! Dit is beslis die veiligste geleë vliegveld vir modelle in Bloemfontein.

Ons kry gereeld lede van ander klubs wat by ons kom kuier en vlieg. Almal by die Tempe lughawe, wat nie 'n lugbeheerde lughawe is nie, ken die area en van hulle vlieg ook saam met ons. Mikroligte vliegtuie en girokopters besoek dikwels die omgewing en van hulle het moontlik al 'n "touch and go" daar gedoen!

Enige persoon wat die omgewing besoek, is welkom om daar te vlieg solank SAMAA se veiligheidsreëls nagekom word! Die area word gebruik op aanbeveling van die Mangaung Munisipaliteit.

16 Feb 16Central Radio Flyers

Central Radio Flyers

Current Chairman in Hansie Peens who is in this position for the last two months as he has taken over from Wynand Swart who has served on this committee for many years. Vice chairman is Johan Els.

Central Radio Flyers CRF co-ordinates is 29 11’ 25.65”S and 26 11’ 47.62”E. The club is situated on the eastern side of the M1 between Currie Ave and the Kerk str turnoff.

We are 40 paid up members and only around 20 which are active members.

Our club consist of a clubhouse made from containers joined together, which consists of a large open area, a storage area as well as male and female toilets. We have running water as well as temporary lights which are operated from a battery and inverter unit.

Our clubhouse is not the best but our runways are the best in the Free State. Two High quality tar runways 162m x 8m 90 degrees to each other with a 35 x 35 square in the middle. The club can be viewed on google earth.

We have organized pylon competitions, Free State Aerobatic champs, ops Winter Eagle, Fun fly’s, as well as Large scale competitions in the past.

Bloemfontein is located very central to all other parts of the country so we want to organize more events in the coming year to attract modellers from all over the country.

We fly all types of aircraft ranging from  .4cc up to 150cc planes, pattern planes, gliders, jets, turbine helicopters, aerobatic ,large scale, Warbirds as well as old-timers.

We are a competition orientated club, many of our members have attended various SAMAA organised competitions throughout the country and some achieving very high placing. We do have a full range of instructors as well as judges and perform proficiency ratings on a monthly basis.

Day visitors are allowed.



082 448 4800

16 Feb 16Kellys View

Kellys View Aeromodellers.

1.       Chairman:  Andries du Plooy.  Contact no:  084580 1497

2.       Time in chair: 5 years from 2010 until present.

3.       Vice chairman:  Andre Geyer  Contact no:  082 773 9287

4.       Time in chair: 5 years from 2010 until present.

5.       Members.  The club is about 20 members strong with about 12 members flying actively every Sunday.

6.       Club facilities:  The Clubhouse and facilities has the following:

a.       Municipal water.

b.      Toilet facility.

c.       Solar panel power with inverter for 220V lights and sound system.

d.      12v Fridge.

e.      Gas stove.

f.        The pit area consists of five 2.5m x 2.5m tables with integrated 3m x 3m zinc roof.

g.       Elevated under roof spectator and entertainment area on top the clubhouse.

h.      Four starting and repair tables.

i.         Pit area, clubhouse and entertainment area is protected by wrap around wooden fence.

j.        Ten 1.5m x 1.5m cement ground slabs interlaced in the pit area.

7.       Location of the club.  The club is situated in the Bloemfontein Kellys View municipal area just of the N8 going to Kimberley.  The route to the club is as follows:  Take the Walter Sisulu road turnoff from the N1.  Then drive 5.1km’s on the N8 towards Kimberley and turn left at the Kellys View board.  Turn right immediately and follow the road for 1.7km’s until the railway crossing. Just cross the railway intersection turn left and then follows the Kellys View Aeromodellers signs.

8.       Runway.Grass runways. Main runway is in the east west direction and120m x 5m long. The secondary runway on the right hand side of the club is in the south westerly direction and 100m x 5m long.  Chopper and glider runway on the left side of the club 80m x 20m.

9.       Events organized. Events that were organized at this club in the past were pylon racing competitions as well as interclub fun fly competitions.

10.   Future of the club.  This club is still a relative young club that has grown quite a lot in the past few years.  A lot was established in the past 5 years that I am in the chair and you will find a club that has grown quite a bit in terms of what was achieved with the upgrading of club facilities, pit area and runways.  This was all done with the help of club members which are very dedicated and passionate modellers.Two years back the club took the trophy for the club with the best “gees” at one of the local fly in events showing the character of our club members.

All of our club money is ploughed back into the club to upgrade the facilitiesso that we can give our club members the best flying experience to fly at.Another idea behind this is to get the club to a high standard so that it will be able host any major events like glider, fpv racing, helicopter, pylon racing, pattern, large scale aerobatics or fun fly events.  This club has excellent potential to have such an event because we are close to the N1 highway, local businesses and overnight facilities.

The club has an excellent wide open flat field area making it great for any type of rcflying. It is also an excellent area for those for those glider guiders.  You will find awesome thermal activities during the warm summer days at the field and therefore most of the club members will always have an electric glider in their cars bootfor thesetype of days.

Pattern or aerobatic pilots will also enjoy our unbroken horizon line to practice their flying skills to prepare them for competitions.

The future of this club is looking bright and with the help of SAMAA and our club members we will strive to become one of the best model flying clubs in South Africa.

11.   Types of aircraft flying.  We fly the following aircraft at the club.

a.       Electric aircraft.

b.      Gliders electric, non-electric and dlg.

c.       Scale aircraft.

d.      IC all types.

e.      Combat aircraft.

f.        Pylon racers.

g.       Drones.

h.      Large scale aerobatic aircraft.

i.         Slope soarers ( Botshabelo).

12.   Competitions.  At this stage our club members are not active  competitive pilots as we are still a young club but this will hopefully change in the nearby future.

13.   Day visitors.  All visitors and SAMAA registered pilots are welcome to come and fly or visit with us at any time. Just remember to bring your own meat with for that late afternoon braai and socialising with a great group of guys and ladies at our club.

16 Feb 16Bloemfontein Model Aircraft Club




Herman Groenewald

Contact Details:

Cell         -              0766002589         (All Hours)

0845840110         (After Hours)

Email     -              bhg@absamail.co.za

Time on Committee:

I am chairman for BMAC the past 3 years

Vice Chairman:

Ben Vermeulen

Number of Members:

We have 10 active members. Ranging from 12 years old up to pensioners

Club Facilities:

We have a club house equipped with wash facilities and two toilets and running water. In the front of the club house we have a big under roof area that we use for braai and socializing.

We have big tables for our planes that is covered with shade ports.

Location of Club:

Our club is situated on the Jagersfontein road 12 kilometers from the robot at the Windmill Casino on the left hand side.

Runway Description:

We have two runways crossing each other. The runways are 200 meters long each and 5 meters wide.

Event Organized in the Past:

We had cross country events that consist of taking off from Jagersfontein and flying back to BMAC over a distance around 80 kilometers.

We also organized weekend events where we start flying on the Saturdays and then stay overnight by camping and then do some night flying. Early the Sunday morning we start flying and then have a nice breakfast together. For lunch time we have a family braai.

Future of the Club:

We would like to attract more members to our club.

We also would like to get more interaction with the other clubs and get togethers.

Types of Aircraft flown:

All kinds of aircrafts are flown at our club from small electric to large scale gas planes.

Competition Orientation:

We are not competition orientated. We are a social club

Day Visitors Allowed:

Day visitors are very welcome and there is no access fees.


Herman Groenewald




15 Feb 16Cors-Air

Cors-Air was established in 2011 by Corrie Coetzee owner of the farm.  I have built this field on my farm because there is no proper place with decent facilities where I could take my family.  We have proper tar runways 300m long and 15m wide with mowed grass surrounding the field. The pitt area is concreted and under shade net equipped with electricity points and concrete assembly tables. Flying normally takes place on weekends but we do have various groups flying during the week. Various SAMAA sigs have made use of our facilities for hosting monthly competitions.

 There is camping facilities around our dam which we use for float flying, boating or fishing. Our restrooms facilities for men and women are very neat with showers in each restroom, with hot and cold running water as well as lights.  We had a couple of successful camping weekends but would like to make it bigger and get more of our RC friends to visit us. A small fee is charged for camping.

There is a very big lapa where the planes can be stored during the evening. In front of the lapa are concrete tables and chairs as well as a large braai area. This area is mainly used for the families to sit and relax in the shade.

Cors-Air is a privately owned club with no committee or politics. We are a SAMAA registered club and adhere strictly to SAMAA safety rules like any other club. Club membership is open for applicants to apply. Day visitors are also welcome and a landing fee will be charged. At Cors-Air we want you to come and enjoy safe flying and make good friends.  It looks like an air show on busy weekends at Cors -Air because the variety of planes that normally fly here you will see at big air shows and fly ins. 

Cors-Air is situated on the R51 Bapsfontein road where the Lynwood Road meets it. Its on the eastern side of Pretoria

 S25°55.81’   E28°29.53’

 Website: www.cors-air.co.za

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